E-fatura 2017

E-fatura explained

What is E-fatura

E-fatura is a governmental system that assists with the online registration of invoices which contain the NIF number. The government uses this system to control the incoming and outgoing VAT. Because the part of the control can be done by the residents in Portugal, the residents receive a deductions on their income tax(IRS).

The E-fatura links the invoice from the supplier to your personal page with the NIF number. Because the invoice is registered, the state can control what VAT should be paid by companies.

How do I benefit from E-fatura?

Your benefits as a resident are that you receive deductions on your income tax(IRS). Which deductions will be explained later in this article.

How to use E-fatura with purchases?

As of the 1st of January 2016 the employee is obliged to ask each costumer if they would like to receive an invoice with NIF number. This counts for all stores in Portugal. When the employee asks you for this you have to give him/her your 9 digit NIF number. The employee will give you the invoice. It is your turn to check if your NIF number is really on, instead of saying Consumidor final.

How does the website work?

Make sure you have your NIF number and senha de accesso with you.

Go to the following link:

Here you login with your details.

When you are logged in into the website you will see the following deductions:

(The maximums are per year)

The numbers in blue show you how much you saved already. When you click the icon, you will find the invoices specifically belonging to that subject.

You are obliged to save the paper invoices for 4 years.

For more information you can contact us by e-mail or by telephone trough (+351) 214 663 167.


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